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Marine Geotechnical Surveys

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JSC Pacific Engineering Company has extensive experience in conducting marine engineering and geological surveys. To do this, the Company uses its own specialized engineering and geological vessels Diabaz and Trias, self-propelled floating drilling rigs, floating facilities and drilling equipment that cover a wide range of sea depths - from shallow coastal waters to 300-meter depths.

Types of jobs:

  • drilling of engineering and geological wells and static sounding of soils to a depth of up to 150 m along the ground with a sea depth of up to 300 m;
  • static sounding of a bottom submersible installation from a research vessel to a depth of 5 m;
  • bottom sampling up to 4 m deep using various types of samplers;
  • static (CPT), dynamic (SPT) and seismic (SCPT) sounding of soils with SPBU;
  • field geotechnical and laboratory tests of soils;
  • geophysical well logging;
  • navigation and geodetic support (positioning);

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