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Industrial Safety Expertise

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The expert center ZAO IAP “Dynamics” carries out activities for the examination of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities:

  • examination of technical devices used at a hazardous production facility (technical diagnostics, survey and extension of the safe operation of technical devices);
  • examination of other documents related to the operation of hazardous production facilities.

Industrial safety expertise is carried out on the basis of a license from Rostekhnadzor. The examination is carried out in order to assess the conformity of the object of examination with the industrial safety requirements imposed on it.

The reason for the examination may be:

  • development of a standard operating life;
  • accident;
  • repairs;
  • change of technological parameters;
  • the requirement of Rostekhnadzor, presented in the prescribed manner, etc.

The result of the examination is the conclusion of the industrial safety examination, which is submitted to Rostekhnadzor or its territorial body for consideration and approval by the contracting authority of the examination or expert organization.

Any information and information obtained during the industrial safety examination is considered confidential by the experts of the Expert Center, taking into account the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The expert center carries out activities for the industrial safety expertise of hazardous production facilities on the basis of license No. DE-00-008190 (KS) dated December 13, 2007, issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, the validity period is unlimited. EC includes experts certified for the II level of qualification in the oil and gas industry, in the chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries, in the field of boiler supervision and supervision of lifting structures, in the gas industry.

Areas of industrial safety expertise.

  • Oil and gas production facilities and trunk pipeline transport.
  • Lifting facilities.
  • Pressure equipment, heating plants and networks.
  • Objects of gas distribution and gas consumption.
  • Objects of the petrochemical and oil refining industries.
  • Explosive and fire hazardous, chemically hazardous objects and objects of special chemistry.

The procedure for the examination of industrial safety.

The examination is carried out on the basis of the customer’s application or other documents in accordance with the conditions agreed by the expert organization and the customer.

  • preliminary stage for informing the customer about the examination procedure;
  • application, schedule, contract or other documents establishing the conditions and terms of the examination;
  • direct examination (selection of materials and documentation necessary for the examination; appointment of experts; examination);
  • issuing an expert opinion to the customer.

The duration of the examination is determined by the complexity of the object of the examination, but should not exceed three months from the date of receipt from the customer organization of the set of necessary materials and documents in full in accordance with the current regulatory and technical documentation.

  1. A letter of request for an industrial safety review indicating the data on the customer and the subject of the examination, as well as the reasons for the examination.
  2. Passport of the object of examination.
  3. Design, operational, repair documentation.
  4. Conclusions of previous examinations (technical diagnostics).

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