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R&Amp;D in the field of Effective and Reliable Operation of oil and gas Facilities

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  • In order to develop new technologies, technical solutions and technical means, the following are being developed (including jointly with partners):
    • experimental and prototypes of new machinery and equipment;
    • models and models of technical devices;
    • technical projects;
    • technical solutions;
    • outline designs;
    • technical specifications for OCD;
    • design documentation;
    • operational documentation;
    • software documentation;
    • technical conditions;
    • programs, procedures, acts and test reports;
    • implementation programs;
    • reports on research, analytical and scientific-technical works, as well as other technical and technological documentation.
  • Development and improvement of regulatory, technical and methodological documentation, including:
    • documents of standardization systems (standards, recommendations and other regulatory documents);
    • development concepts;
    • general schemes;
    • feasibility studies;
    • programs, techniques and work procedures;
    • other regulatory and regulatory documentation.

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