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Galvanic Production

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Name of works on electroplating
Cost, rub per 1 sq. Dm
Maximum part size, mm
Zinc white shiny 17.00 1100x400x450
Chrome-plated galvanizing 17.00 1100x400x4200
Tin-bismuth (copper and copper alloys) 30.00 700x400x200
Tin Bismuth (Steel) 45.00 700x400x200
Tin-bismuth (aluminum alloys) 50.00 700x400x200
Anodizing (white) 17.00 1100x400x4200
Anodizing (black, with chrompeak, color) 20.00 700x400x200
Chemical oxidation (Chem. Ox. E) aluminum alloys 15.00 700x400x200
Chemical oxidation of steel (Chem. Ox. Prm.) 17.00 500x400x4200
Brilliant nickel 40.00 1000x500x200
Nickel on aluminum 45.00 700x400x200
Electropolishing 45.00 500x300x250
Steel, aluminum pickling 5.00 1100x400x400

1 *) Prices for galvanic services are indicated for a general order of at least 1000 sq. Dm. and a coating thickness of 6-12 microns
2 *) Orders for electroplating with a large share of preparatory work are regarded with a coefficient. 1.3-1.5 (depending on the amount of work)
3 *) Orders less than 1000 dm.sq. one type of galvanic coating are regarded with a coefficient of 1.5-1.9, depending on the complexity of the work

Electroplating all types of metal substrates

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