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Equipment Verification

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We organize verification and calibration in an accredited metrological center.

Metrology centers carry out verification to confirm that the measuring instrument complies with current technical requirements. For this, the readings of the devices under verification are compared with the reference ones. Identified errors are eliminated.

Calibration is a voluntary operation. It is relevant for measuring instruments that are not subject to the requirement of mandatory verification.

Verification and calibration exclude the receipt of false information by measuring instruments. Devices that do not pass calibration can give measurement results that are far from the actual values. This can lead to violations in security systems, the release of defective products, and equipment damage.


  • ultrasonic flaw detectors;
  • magnetic particle flaw detectors;
  • acoustic instruments;
  • structuroscopes;
  • ultrasonic thickness gauges;
  • eddy current flaw detectors;
  • coating thickness gauges;
  • coercimeters.


  • sensitivity standards for radiographic monitoring;
  • enterprise standard samples (SOP);
  • linear angular measuring tool;
  • roughness samples;
  • control samples for capillary and magnetic particle inspection;
  • stencils for decoding radiographic images;
  • measuring loops.

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