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Pipeline Cleaning and Inspection

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  • In-line diagnostics on pipelines with internal coating and protective sleeves
  • Pre-launch in-pipe diagnostics of pipelines without pumping product using compressor or pumping equipment, including nitrogen plants
  • GYRO-examination for determining the coordinates of the axis of the pipeline and the identified defects (XYZ)
  • In-line diagnostics using an ultrasonic flaw detector (UT)
  • Intra-Tube Diagnostics by EMAT
  • In-line diagnostics using magnetic flaw detectors MFL / CDP and / or TFI / AFD, including High Resolution
  • Technical diagnostics of pipelines without the use of in-line inspection tools including the acoustic resonance method (AWP)
  • Inspection of the state of ECP systems, as well as the implementation of technical supervision functions for the construction of ECP systems and facilities
  • In-pipe inspection of pipe geometry
  • Pipe cavity cleaning and calibration

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