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Cleaning Systems

Country of Operations: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / Krasnodar Territory / Krasnodar
Online Support Service: No
Interpretation of Data: No
No. Name of equipment Note
one Complete circulation systems for drilling rigs of all classes depending on configuration
2 Complete cleaning unit for circulating systems depending on configuration
3 Mobile circulating systems for overhaul of wells and drilling of second shafts depending on configuration
4 Block for the preparation of drilling fluids BPR-1
5 Block for the preparation of drilling fluids BPR-1
6 Blocks for the preparation of solutions of chemicals BPHR
7 Sludge disposal unit depending on configuration
8 Degasser "Cascade-40", "Cascade-40M" 02
nine Clay mixer
10 Block of coagulation and flocculation of BKF


eleven OGSh-50 type centrifuge complete - with stepless speed control - single-speed
12 OGSh-35 type centrifuge for drilling second shafts (complete)
thirteen Vibrosieve SV 1 LM, SV 1LM-02
14 Vibrosieve single cassette BCM, VSM-1
fifteen GHS (SV 1LM + HCC) SGS (SV 1LM + 2GCC) GHS (SV 1LM + ПГ 60/300) СГС (SV 1ЛМ + ГЦК + ИГ45М) СГС (СВ 1ЛМ + 2ГЦК + ИГ45М) СГС (СВ 1ЛМ 60/300 + IG45M)
sixteen Hydrocyclone HCC-360
17 Desilter IG45M
eighteen Sand separator PG 60/300
nineteen Three-layer screen cartridges with a mesh size of 0.05-0.8 mm
twenty Submersible sealless pump PN 12.5 / 12.5, PN 63/30
21 Pump 6Sh8-2
22 6Sh8-2M pump with oil pressure seal
23 Pump VSHN-150
24 Pump PRM 75-30, PRM 63 / 22.5 with non-pressure stuffing box
25 Hydraulic mixer SGM-100
26 Dispersant cyclone spherical DShM-100
27 Disperser hydraulic DG-2
28 Mixer mechanical TsSZ-3000 OUK (PLM), PLM-1
29th SGB-2 gas-containing drilling mud separator
thirty Hydraulic stirrers 4 UPG
31 Closed circulation system for depression drilling
32 Oil sludge processing plants
33 Installation averaging UO-20

Block for the preparation of solutions and emulsions BPR-20 M (UO-20 M)

LLC "Plant Yugmash"

Locations: Russia / Krasnodar Territory / Krasnodar
Main Products/Services: Production of oil and gas equipment
Registration: Russia / Krasnodar Territory / Krasnodar