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Certification of Laboratories NK

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Non-governmental educational institution of additional professional education "NUTs" Control and Diagnostics "is an Independent body for certification of non-destructive testing laboratories (NOAL).

Certification of non-destructive testing laboratories is carried out within the framework of the Unified System of Conformity Assessment (ESOS) at facilities controlled by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision in accordance with PB 03-372-00 “Certification Rules and Basic Requirements for Non-Destructive Testing Laboratories” (approved by resolution Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia dated June 2, 2000 No. 29, registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia of July 25, 2000, reg. No. 2234).

The certification activities of non-destructive testing laboratories are carried out on the basis of accreditation certificates in the EEAS No. 10182 dated 02.12.2013.

NOAL Accreditation Area

1. Name of equipment (facilities):

1.1. Objects of boiler supervision.
1.2. Gas supply systems (gas distribution).
1.3. Lifting facilities.
1.6. Oil and gas industry equipment.
1.7. Equipment for the metallurgical industry.
1.8. Equipment for explosive and fire hazardous and chemically hazardous industries.
1.11. Buildings and constructions (construction objects).
1.12. Electric power equipment.

2. Types (methods) of non-destructive testing and diagnostics:

2.1. Radiation.
2.2. Ultrasonic.
2.3. Acoustic emission.
2.4. Magnetic.
2.5. Eddy current.
2.6. Penetrating substances.
2.7. Vibrodiagnostic.
2.8. Electric.
2.9. Thermal.
2.10. Optic.
2.11. Visual and measuring.
2.12. Stress-strain state control.

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