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Air patrol of Pipelines and power lines

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Inspection of linear part facilities using high-tech equipment to localize product leakage spots and thermal imaging and television systems of both our own design and the best European developers is one of the ways to identify defects and prevent accidents and is carried out as part of the "Comprehensive measures to improve the stability of the UGSS to systemic accidents" approved by Gazprom. This comprehensive survey is included in the system of maintenance and repair of gas transport facilities and liquid hydrocarbon products.

The basis of the survey is the use of the following remote methods for monitoring the technical condition of gas pipelines:

  • laser location of gas leaks;

  • thermal imaging;

  • aerial photography and visual control.


Used diagnostic systems can be combined, which greatly expands the range of tasks. The use of such systems does not require structural changes to the aircraft. Installation of equipment on a MI-8 helicopter takes on average no more than 10 minutes and does not require special measures for its fastening, and the examination procedure does not depend on temperature conditions and time of day.

Since 2007, work has been done on photo and video shooting of gas pipelines, as well as thermal imaging inspection.

In addition to thermal imaging and television systems on gyro-stabilized platforms, mobile infrared cameras with the function of visualizing methane and other gases are used. Such devices can detect minor gas leaks regardless of the temperature of the underlying surface in real time.

When performing air patrol operations, the average values of the flight altitude are 80 m, and the flight speed is 100 km / h. The deviation of the flight routes of the aircraft from the axis of the pipeline during the survey is within 3-20 m, taking into account the direction of the wind. If a leak is detected, repeated passes are performed over the defective area with a decrease in altitude and flight speed, respectively.

As a result of a comprehensive examination using laser and thermal imaging-television systems, the following defects are identified:

  • gas leaks on the linear part of gas mains and branch pipelines;

  • leaks of shut-off and control valves to the external environment;

  • identification of sections of non-projected depth of laying (gas pipeline exit to the "day" surface);

  • violation of security zones and zones of minimally safe distances;

  • areas with erosion and waterlogging of gas pipelines;

  • plots with vertical and horizontal arches.

The positioning of all identified defects is carried out using satellite positioning systems.

Specialists of Promgazengineering LLC carry out aerial photography of the MG route and gas pipelines. The result of such work is a georeferenced seamless image of the MG route or its individual sections. Various kinds of defects can be easily traced on a high-resolution image, for example, the development of landslide processes, the presence of any objects or trees and shrubs in the MG protection zone, the absence of MG marking, etc.

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