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Electric Laboratory

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Promgazengineering LLC has a certified and accredited electric laboratory approved for operation and registered with the Energy and Construction Supervision Department of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Moscow with the right to test and measure electrical installations up to and including 1000 V.

Permitted types of tests and measurements of the electrical laboratory:

  • Checking the condition of the elements of the grounding devices of electrical installations;

  • Checking the presence of a circuit and measuring the transition resistance between grounding conductors and grounding conductors, grounded equipment (elements) and grounding conductors;

  • Earth resistivity measurement;

  • Resistance measurement of grounding devices of all types;

  • Measurement of insulation resistance, windings of electric motors, devices, secondary circuits and electrical wiring, electrical equipment;

  • Measurement of the impedance of the phase-zero loop;

  • Checking the operation of protection with a power supply system with grounded and isolated neutral;

  • Checking and testing of installation circuit breakers of supply lines;

  • Checking the operation of the protection made by fuse-links in electrical installations with voltage up to 1000 V, calibration of fuse-links;

  • Checking circuit breakers in electric networks with voltage up to 1000 V for current operation;

  • Checking the performance and parameters of the DNA;

  • Checking the lightning protection system;

  • Measurement of transition resistance of contacts and resistance of windings of electrical machines and transformers;

  • Testing cable lines and electrical equipment up to 1000 V with high voltage;

  • Testing and measuring the characteristics of voltage transformers and current transformers;

  • Verification of relay protection devices, automation and telemechanics;

  • Check emergency lighting schemes;

  • Light measurement;

  • Measurement of the quality of electrical energy.

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