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Vibro-Examination, remote Diagnosis. Consultations.

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The peculiarity of Promservice JSC's approach is to provide the whole range of vibration diagnostic services, including carrying out vibration inspection and vibration adjustment of equipment, issuing conclusions remotely, assisting in the preparation of standards, training, development, delivery, implementation, maintenance.

List of main services:

  1. Vibro-examination and vibration adjustment of equipment at the Customer's enterprise;
  2. Remote diagnostic service of stationary and portable systems with the transfer of information via the Internet to the expert center of Promservice JSC and Consulting services on vibration diagnostics ;
  3. Development of enterprise standards (STP, STO) related to the organization and conduct of work on vibration monitoring, vibration monitoring and vibration diagnostics of dynamic equipment in an enterprise or industry.
  4. Training and certification of personnel at levels 1 and 2 of the qualification according to the vibrodiagnostic method of NK in the PB 03-440-02 system with the issuance of a state-issued certificate. Further training with the issuance of a state-issued certificate. Training is carried out at Promservice JSC or at the Customer’s enterprise.

At no extra charge, we provide our Users with technical support during the entire period of operation of the systems. You can always get help and advice from our technical experts not only on issues related to working with equipment and software, but also in the field of vibration diagnostics.

When supplying any systems, free training is provided for maintenance and operational personnel in the techniques and methods of working with the supplied product.

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