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Casting and Machining

Country of Operations: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / Chelyabinsk Region / Asha
Online Support Service: No
Interpretation of Data: No
PJSC "Ashinsky Metzavod" accepts orders for the manufacture of castings, castings with machining, mechanical products, metal structures, forgings up to 100 kg, cargo (weights) for auto and railway scales, according to customer drawings.

Steel castings weighing from 100 kg to 300 kg are made from ordinary grades of steel 15L-45L alloyed with 50KhGL, 30KhGSFL, 30KhGSL, 35GL, 45GL, 70GL, 30GSL, 20FL, 20G1FL, 40KHNL, 40KHL, 35KHGFL, 38KHGN, 25Kh23L7 according to GOST 977-88 "Steel castings" and GOST 26645-85 "Castings from metals and alloys". Equipment for smelting - electric furnace DSP-3.

Cast iron castings weighing from 100 kg to 14000 kg from cupola iron of the grade СЧ15, СЧ20 in accordance with GOST 1412. The smelting equipment is a gas cupola with a productivity of 7-10 t / h.

Orders can be either serial or one-time according to drawings and sketches of the customer, for castings on wooden and polystyrene foam models.

PJSC "Ashinsky Metzavod" performs turning and milling work on high-performance and high-precision machines of the Korean company "DOOSAN". Both from the customer’s materials and from our own material. Overall dimensions of the processed products for milling operations: 540x630x1000 mm (MAX).

Manufacture of parts such as:

  •     fingers
  •     sleeves
  •     axes
  •     bolts, nuts
  •     fittings
  •     shafts, etc.

Production time from 3 weeks depending on complexity and quantity.

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