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Cutting the Battery CRAB

Country of Operations: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Voronezh
Online Support Service: No
Interpretation of Data: No
The line for the integrated cutting of batteries KRAB with a volume of 15,000 tons per year. The KRAB 02 line was created for the processing of automotive and industrial batteries with ebonite or polypropylene bodies in order to extract certain fractions: metallic lead, lead paste (lead concentrate), polypropylene (ebonite) and sulfuric acid.

Battery recycling equipment manufactured by Irismash LLC helps solve the problem of recycling old devices for energy storage efficiently, with minimal waste. The battery cutting line includes various machines and assemblies, all operating mechanisms are made of stainless steel. Scrap batteries are placed on a conveyor belt, along which it then moves first to the chopper, and then to the granulator.

After going through these steps, the current sources are divided into fractions, which are sorted and sent further for further processing. At the exit from the CRAB line for recycling used batteries, lead paste, metallic lead, ebonite, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride are obtained. Absolutely all of these materials can be used as goods or raw materials to create new products. Therefore, recycling the battery is not only a concern for the environment, with the competent organization of the process, recycling can bring tangible benefits to the enterprise.

If your company needs a line for recycling, we invite you to cooperate. Ordering the necessary units at Irismash LLC is convenient due to the fact that our company offers customers the most complete range of services. The company has its own design bureau, production workshops with high-precision modern equipment, a department for technical control of products, our specialists install and commission ready-made battery recycling lines.

Employees of all of these units are constantly in touch with each other. This allows you to control the quality of products and the accuracy of compliance with the customer’s task at all stages of production. Our technique is hope, effective, designed for a long service life. With it, recycling the battery turns into a routine and at the same time profitable process. Do not miss the opportunity to get extra profit!


Locations: Russia, Voronezh
Main Products/Services: Design, manufacture of equipment for cable processing, etc. Manufacture of moving metal structures
Registration: Russia, Voronezh
Year Established: 1990