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EPB TU / ZS ON OPO OIL AND GAS Producing Complex (E4)

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The main document during the industrial safety review is the Order of Rostekhnadzor dated November 14, 2013 N 538 “Rules for the industrial safety review”

For hazardous production facilities that have fulfilled their standard service life or are exposed to unregulated loads, an assessment of compliance with their requirements is mandatory.

Requirements, procedures and operating conditions for oil and gas industry facilities are established by the following regulatory and technical documents:

  • Rostekhnadzor Order of March 12, 2013 No. 101 “Safety Rules in the Oil and Gas Industry”
  • Rostekhnadzor Order of September 17, 2014 No. 105 “Safety Rules for Offshore Oil and Gas Complex Facilities”
  • Rostekhnadzor order dated 06.11.2013 No. 520 “Safety rules for hazardous production facilities of trunk pipelines”
  • Rostekhnadzor order dated March 25, 2014 No. 116 “Industrial safety rules for hazardous production facilities that use equipment operating under excessive pressure”
  • RD 08-435-02 "Safety Instructions for the simultaneous production of drilling operations, development and operation of wells on the bush"
  • RD 08-625-03 “Safety Instructions for Work During the Restoration of Inactive Oil and Gas Wells by the Method of Building an Additional Directional or Horizontal Wellbore”
  • RD 08-272-99 "Safety requirements for drilling equipment for the oil and gas industry"

The documents contain industrial safety requirements for organizations and employees operating in the field of industrial safety at the following hazardous production facilities of oil and gas production:

  • drilling and production: reference, parametric, prospecting, exploration, production, injection, control (piezometric, observation), special (absorption, water), iodine-bromine, balneological and other wells that are laid for the purpose of prospecting, exploration, exploitation of oil and gas fields and gas condensate, gas from methane beds, heat energy, industrial and mineral waters, geological structures for creating underground oil and gas storage facilities, burial of industrial effluents, harm s production waste, and the wells drilled for oil and gas elimination fountains and griffins;
  • arrangement of fields for the collection, preparation, storage of oil, gas and gas condensate.

Oil and gas are one of the foundations of the economy of any country. In Russia, the oil and gas industry is a major source of export earnings. Currently, control over the extraction, processing of fuel and energy resources, as well as means of their transportation, plays an important role in determining the geopolitical situation of a country. The extraction, processing and export of hydrocarbons will remain in the near future the main source of foreign exchange and ruble revenues to the state budget.

Very briefly, the production cycle can be divided into five parts:

1. Mineral exploration (hazardous production facilities for exploration and geophysical work in the development of deposits - E6 * )

2. Production and preparation (hazardous production facilities of the oil and gas production complex   -   E4 * )

2.1 well drilling

2.2 oil and gas production

2.3 preparation of oil and gas for transportation

3. Transportation (hazardous production facilities of the main pipeline transport - E5 * )

4. Processing (hazardous production facilities of the chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries, as well as other explosive and fire hazardous and hazardous industries - E7 * )

5. Storage (hazardous production facilities for oil products - E8 * ) and consumption (hazardous production facilities for gas supplies - E11 * )

Note: * - according to the list of areas of certification of experts in the field of industrial safety .

Environmental pollution by oil and gas products in the process of production, preparation and transportation is a very relevant and important topic, which every day more and more reminds of itself. At the same time, the damage that was done in this relatively short period of time cannot be compared with any disaster that has occurred in the entire history of mankind.

Industrial safety is the foundation of the well-being and success of any modern manufacturing company.

The many years of experience of the NK Strategy experts allows us to comprehensively solve all problems in the field of industrial safety expertise of hazardous production facilities of the oil and gas production complex.

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