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The technical regulation of the Customs Union "On the safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure" (TR TS 032/2013) establishes the mandatory requirements for the presence of a passport as the main document for the identification of equipment.

LLC “NK Strategy” carries out the development and restoration of lost documentation of technical devices of hazardous production facilities, buildings and structures:

  • passports of technical devices,
  • technological schemes of equipment,
  • non-destructive testing forms.

The development or restoration of documentation is carried out as part of the technical diagnosis and examination of industrial safety and involves the completion of a full list of diagnostic work provided for in normative and technical documentation.

The result of the work is drawn up in accordance with regulatory documents in print and electronic versions, diagrams and drawings are provided in the format of computer-aided design and drawing programs.


  • Chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries (tank equipment, tanks for storing explosive and flammable and toxic substances, tanks, containers (barrels), columns, process pipelines, ventilation, pump and compressor equipment).
  • Oil and gas industry (equipment of gas and oil pumping stations, gas and oil pipelines, tanks for oil and oil products, compressor stations, gas distribution stations, linear part of gas pipelines);
  • Metallurgical industry (technological gas pipelines of metallurgical furnaces, presses).
  • Objects of gas distribution and gas consumption (external and internal gas pipelines, parts and assemblies, gas equipment);
  • Pressure equipment (steam and hot water boilers, pressure vessels, steam and hot water pipelines).

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