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Strength and Reliability Calculations

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In accordance with the licensed type of activity, the company “Tekhdiagnostika” JSC performs diagnostics, determining the terms and conditions for extending the safe operation of the equipment of hazardous production facilities of large gas chemical complexes for oil and gas production and processing. As part of these works, in accordance with the requirements of normative and technical documentation (NTD), an assessment of the bearing capacity, reliability and resource of the equipment is performed.

In 2002, a calculation and experimental center (REC) was created at the enterprise to evaluate the bearing capacity, reliability and resource of equipment, as well as increase the efficiency of diagnostic work, implement monitoring technologies for processing and analyzing diagnostic information. The specialists of the REC perform verification, normative and refined calculations on the strength of the equipment, analysis of the stress-strain state and prediction of its residual life according to the criteria of limit states. The REC has the necessary domestic and foreign scientific and technical documentation and is provided with modern licensed software packages in the field of strength calculations. The REC employs highly qualified specialists with many years of practical work experience with specialized higher education, academic degrees and certified by the Central Attestation Commission of the Russian Technical Supervision Authority in the field of strength calculations and residual resource calculations. They know the methods of calculation using software tools necessary for high-quality performance of calculations. The specialists of the REC periodically undergo training and advanced training in the areas of dynamics, strength and reliability of equipment in the oil and gas, gas and petrochemical industries.

More information about the main and additional activities, methodological and material support, as well as cooperation with other organizations can be found in the prospectus of the REC.

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