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Special Assessment of Working Conditions (SOUT)

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During the assessment of working conditions, experts determine what harmful factors affect employees during work and evaluate their workplaces for compliance with standards. To do this, they go to the enterprise and measure the environment and the labor process, such as noise, vibration, severity of labor, etc. Thus, the company TekhnoProgress conducts a special assessment of working conditions.
Measuring laboratory for monitoring working conditions
  • The measuring laboratory provides a full range of services for the measurement and assessment of harmful and dangerous factors in industrial premises, residential and public buildings, in residential areas.
Advantages of a laboratory for monitoring working conditions
  • Wide area of accreditation
  • Certified Experts
  • Over 170 pieces of equipment
Work at any enterprises

We understand the technical process:

Our experts evaluate jobs in oil and gas and mining enterprises, in hospitals and airports, in industries and construction sites. Each experience is at least 5 years.

This experience helps to accurately determine the list of harmful factors before departure. There have not yet been cases where experts did not take suitable equipment on a business trip and returned with an incomplete report.

We work at large facilities:

For facilities where more than 1000 jobs are usually visited by several experts. Each with its own set of equipment. Experts have access to work at heights, with electrical equipment, with sources of ionizing radiation.

We carry out a chemical analysis in the laboratory:

Only rapid methods cannot be used to evaluate chemical exposures. Express methods help to quickly conduct a special assessment, but the accuracy of the results will not be as high as in the laboratory.

Employers ask for more accurate measurements, so we have expanded the accreditation of the laboratory and use methods such as chromatography and photometry.

We work under the license of the FSB

Our experts receive a third form of admission to classified documents to evaluate jobs at defense enterprises or in closed cities.

Special “turnkey” assessment of working conditions with a guarantee

The measuring laboratory for monitoring working conditions of ANO "NTTs" TECHNOPROGRESS "offers to conduct a SOUT in your company.

Specialists of the laboratory at a high professional level:

  1. Prepare your company for SOUT
  2. Identify potentially harmful and / or hazardous factors in the work environment and labor process.
  3. They will conduct research and measurements of factors of the working environment and the labor process, as well as determine the class of working conditions at the workplace
  4. Defines a class of working conditions
  5. They will draw up a declaration of compliance of working conditions with state regulatory requirements for labor protection.
  6. Make a report on the conduct of the SOUT

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