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Production Control at the Enterprise (PRK)

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Industrial control is the monitoring of compliance with sanitary rules, hygiene standards and the implementation of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures in the organization.

The purpose of control is to protect employees from harmful effects from the objects of production control: jobs, equipment, materials, waste, process technology, transport, premises, buildings, structures, etc.

Turnkey production control

Testing laboratory ANO "STC" TECHNOPROGRESS "offers production control services in your company.

Specialists of the laboratory at a high professional level:

  1. Develop a Production Control Program
  2. Carry out the necessary research and measurements.
  3. Prepare protocols on the results of work

GC "Technoprogress"

Total Employees: 700
Locations: Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Main Products/Services: Industrial and environmental safety services
Registration: Russia Moscow
Year Established: 1997