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Mandatory Certification of Products and Equipment in the Russian Federation

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Some types of products and equipment, both manufactured in Russia and imported from abroad, are subject to mandatory certification. Upon successful completion of the certification procedure of equipment, the applicant is issued a certificate of conformity.

In connection with the entry into force of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, many product groups were excluded from the list of products approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 982 of 12.12.2009.

Certificate of Conformity of Products - confirms the conformity of products to the quality and safety requirements established in regulatory documents and is issued only by certification bodies accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service.

The TechnoProgress Certification and Testing Center is accredited to conduct mandatory GOST R certification for normal mine electrical equipment.

The TechnoProgress Certification Center also carries out certification for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

For products that are not subject to mandatory certification, you can issue voluntary certificates of conformity, or a letter of rejection.

Certification of equipment occurs in full accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Turning to our center, you can be sure that the whole procedure for certification of products is absolutely legitimate and reliable.

The specialists of the TechnoProgress certification center will advise you on GOST R certification and issue a certificate of conformity of equipment for you as soon as possible.

Make your choice in favor of the TechnoProgress certification and testing center and you will save maximum time and get a guaranteed result when certifying products and services!

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