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Industrial Safety Expertise

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An industrial safety examination is an assessment of the conformity of an examination object with the industrial safety requirements imposed on it, the result of which is a conclusion.

LLC "Expertise. Diagnostics. Service" performs the following types of work on the examination of industrial safety in the field of lifting structures:

1. Project documentation (PD) for the construction, expansion, reconstruction, technical re-equipment, conservation and liquidation of public utilities *;

2. Technical devices (TU) used at the OPO;

3. Buildings and structures (AP) at the POE;

4. Other documents (ID) associated with the operation of the OPO (technological instructions, PLA, PPRk, technological maps, etc.).

* From January 1, 2007, in accordance with Federal Law No. 232-FZ of December 18, 2006, design documentation for the construction, reconstruction, and overhaul of hazardous production facilities (OPO) is subject to state examination of design documentation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation about urban development activities. The state (former non-departmental) examination assesses the compliance of project documentation with the requirements of technical regulations, including industrial safety requirements (No. 190-ФЗ dated December 29, 2004, art. 49).

As part of the industrial safety review (as well as separately), the organization performs the following types of work:

- unbrakable control;

- technical inspection;

- technical diagnosis;

- examination of the technical condition of building structures;

- electrical work (for lifting structures);

- leveling of crane runways, etc.

LLC "Expertise. Diagnostics. Service"

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