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Unbrakable Control

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Non-destructive testing (NK for short) - control of the properties and parameters of an object, in which the suitability of the object for use and operation must not be impaired.

NK is especially important in the creation and operation of vital products, components and structures. To identify various defects that occurred during the manufacture, repair and operation of the test object, various NDT methods are used.

In Russia, industry industrial documents distinguish the following types of non-destructive testing of metal and welded joints as the main ones:

  • visual and measuring;
  • radiographic;
  • ultrasonic;
  • capillary;
  • magnetic particle;
  • eddy current;

In addition, other methods can be applied (acoustic emission, magnetography, color flaw detection, etc.) in accordance with the technical conditions of the manufacturer.

Non-destructive testing laboratory of LLC “Expertise. Diagnostics. Service” produces the following types of control on lifting structures:

  • Acoustic (ultrasonic flaw detection, ultrasonic thickness measurement);
  • Magnetic (magnetic particle);
  • Visual and measuring.

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