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Hoisting Machines

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LLC "Expertise. Diagnostics. Service" performs the following types of work on hoisting machines (GPM):

1. Equipping the PMG with safety devices:

- preliminary examination, selection of a safety device;

- Proposal for the project to equip the GPM with a safety device;

- order and delivery of the device;

- manufacture of accessories for the installation of a safety device;

- installation and commissioning, taking readings from the parameter logger;

- during operation - maintenance and adjustment.

2. Examination of industrial safety in order to assess the conformity of safety standards to the requirements of industrial safety, determining the possibility and conditions for further operation:

- hoisting mechanisms;

- crane and rail tracks;

3. Design:

- development of projects for the installation and connection of safety devices at the gas and oil field;

- development of repair projects based on survey materials;

4. Development of technical documentation:

- duplicate passports for gas and oil handling, crane runways, deadlocks, etc .;

- technological maps of the production of works;

- instructions for the inspection and repair of lifting devices and containers.

5. Assistance in obtaining permits for the use of GPM:

- preparation of documentation on industrial safety for the registration and operation of gas and oil fields.

6. Supervision of the operation of the GPM (annual maintenance).

7. Carrying out technical inspection.

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