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Unbrakable Control

Location or Storage Country: Russia
Online Support Service: No
Interpretation of Data: No
The laboratory of non-destructive testing LLC "SPC" ECHO + "has certification for conducting ultrasonic testing and ultrasonic thickness measurement (certificate of certification No. 60A010954).

The company has been providing services for the control of hazardous industrial facilities for many years:

- comprehensive automated ultrasonic testing of welded joints of pipelines and equipment with the measurement of real sizes of defects and subsequent assessment of the residual resource of the object (with the involvement of specialists in strength);

- ultrasonic automated control of welds of pipelines during construction, repair and operation, including pipelines from clad and austenitic pipes;

- monitoring the development of operational defects during the operation of facilities;

- ultrasonic automated express control of the base metal and longitudinal welds of pipelines, for example, in the process of re-insulation and repair of gas pipelines;

- control tees of oil and gas pipelines;

- thickness gauging of vessels and pipelines for corrosion wear and rental discontinuities;

- control of unique equipment.

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