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Verification and Calibration of Measuring Instruments

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As part of the Company, there are two accredited calibration laboratories located in the cities: Almaty and Atyrau.

23 specialists of our company have the qualification “Calibrator of measuring instruments”.

The laboratories are equipped with modern equipment from leading domestic and world manufacturers.

They are used in the verification process of certified calibration gas mixtures. Also, the area of accreditation of these laboratories provides for verification and calibration of such types of measurements as:

  • Pressure;
  • Physicochemical measurements (gas analytical SI);
  • Temperature measurements and measurements of electrical quantities;

A large number of different types of measuring instruments have been introduced into the field of accreditation of calibration laboratories:

  • By type of measurement of physico-chemical measuring instruments:

Gas analyzers for production:

“Dräger”, “Detcon Inc.”, “DET-TRONICS”, “Detector Electronics Corporation”, “Oldham Frances SA”, “TestoAG”, “MSI”, “Zellweger Analytics Ltd”, “CROWCON Detection Instruments Limited”, “ BW Technologies Ltd "," MSA Auer GmbH "," MRU GmbH ", Zieger, Honeywell Analytics," Crowcon "," Siemens "," Ametek Process & Analytical Instruments Division "," GazomatS.arl "," Intoximeters, Inc "," First Innovativa Technology Group LTD ”, CJSC Elektrostandart-Pribor, LLC Ditangaz, LLC Monitoring, CJSC Promanalitpribor, CJSC Poligaz Plus, FSUE NPP Delta, CJSC NPF Meta, LLC Flars , JSC OPTEC, Technical Protection, LLC ITC PromKomplektEngineering, Alfa-Dynamics, Flars and others.

  • By type of pressure measurement:

Manometers, pressure transducers of such well-known manufacturers as:

"YOKOGAWA Electric Corporation"; "Teplopribor"; "WIKA Alexander Wiegand GmbH & Co.KG"; Emerson Process Management; Fisher-Rosemount Inc. OJSC "Manotom"; "Bourdon Sedeme"; "Manotherm Beierfeld GmbH"; CJSC "Manometer" and others.

  • By type of temperature measuring instruments:

Resistance thermoconverters, manometer thermometers and thermoelectric converters of production:

CJSC PG Metran and CJSC Metran Smart; "YOKOGAWA Electric Corporation"; Chelyabinsk Plant Teplopribor OJSC and others.

  • By type of measurement of electrical quantities:

Measuring controllers, measuring and computing controllers, software and hardware systems and production indicators:

"ABB AutomationProducts GmbH"; "YOKOGAWA Electric Corporation"; "HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KG"; "Crouzet Automatismes"; "Control Microsystems Inc" and others.

Every year, laboratories expand their field of accreditation by developing new types of calibrations of measuring instruments.

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