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Technical Inspection, Maintenance and Filling of fire Extinguishing system Cylinders

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We have our own mobile station, mounted in two standard 40-foot containers and located at the production base in Almaty. The testing station has the ability to conduct tests and technical examination of steel seamless and welded cylinders with a capacity of 2 liters to 240 liters, designed for a working pressure of not more than 30.0 MPa (300 kgf / cm2). The maximum test pressure is 50.0 MPa (500 kgf / cm2).

During the technical examination, the following work package is carried out:

  1. External inspection of the cylinder;
  2. Check for lack of pressure in the cylinder;
  3. Dismantling the locking trigger or valve;
  4. External and internal inspection of the cylinder to detect mechanical, thermal or corrosion damage;
  5. Checking the neck of the container, integrity and geometric parameters of the thread;
  6. Checking the mass and capacity of the container;
  7. Hydraulic loading with test pressure in compliance with the recommended rate of pressure increase - strength test;
  8. Emptying and drying cylinders at a temperature of 50-80 ° C to prevent the formation of corrosion;
  9. Installation of a locking trigger or valve;
  10. Pneumatic loading with working pressure - leak test;
  11. Reporting test results.

The station allows filling the following types of gas extinguishing agents into the modules:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2);
  • Freon 227, HFC-227ea, C3F7H;
  • FC-5-1-12, Novec 1230;
  • Freon 23 (CF3H);
  • Freon 125 (C2F5H);
  • Nitrogen with a pressure of 200 bar;
  • Nitrogen with a pressure of 300 bar;
  • Argon with a pressure of 200 bar;
  • Argon with a pressure of 300 bar;

If necessary, in the shortest possible time, the station can be transported to any region of Kazakhstan.

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