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Electrical Laboratory

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We provide the services of an electrical laboratory.

The laboratory is equipped with instruments and equipment for the following types of work:

  • By determining the places of damage (OMP) of cables up to 10 kV;
  • By measuring the resistance of grounding devices;
  • To measure phase-zero resistance;
  • By measuring the parameters of the trip protection device;
  • By measuring dielectric rubber protective equipment (gloves, bots, galoshes);
  • By measuring the breakdown voltage of transformer oil;
  • On the test of protective equipment made of organic material (high voltage indicator UVN-10 kV, operational rod SHO-10 kV);

Additionally, measurements of technical characteristics are carried out:

  • State of electrical equipment;
  • DC winding resistance of power transformers up to 500 kV;
  • Measuring transformers up to 500 kV;
  • Transitional resistances of contacts of high-voltage switches;
  • Disconnectors and other connections;

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