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Production of large-span Structures

Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / Sverdlovsk Oblast / Pervouralsk
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Uraltrubprom manufactures metal structures for individual projects of any complexity.

We present to your attention examples of large-span building cover structures that were manufactured at the Uraltrubprom plant:

Ice stadium for ball hockey, Khabarovsk. 99 m.

So far, the Khabarovsk Ice Stadium for ball hockey is the absolute record holder in Russia in terms of span width.

99 meters is the unsupported span of this building.

The supporting structures of the stadium cover are steel arches of a composite section with a span of 99 m and a pitch of 12 m. Each arch is a welded structure of profile pipes.

6,200 tons of metal structures were manufactured at the Uraltrubprom plant for the Ice Stadium, including twelve 99-meter steel arches.

Small ice arena "Puck", Sochi. Olympic facility. 72 m. Collapsible design.

The ice arena construction in plan has an ellipsoidal shape of 101x131 m (along the axes of the columns). The steel frame consists of the main transverse frames with a span of 70.8 m with a pitch of 6, 25 m and 6.3 m and a mark of the bottom of the rafter structures of 16, 380 m, as well as L-shaped frames with a span of 28.9 m. Connections along the frame are made of profile pipes of various sections, among which there is an exclusive large profile size of the Uraltrubprom 350x250x8 mm. As for the farms themselves, they were made of welded I-beams and equal-angle corners. The span of the structure is 72 meters.

“We have been working on this important order for over a year,” says Elena Malagon, head of the design department of Uraltrubprom. - “For the Small Ice Arena, a total of 5 thousand tons of metal structures of the building frame, including half-timbers and spectator stands structures, were made; 20 designers created 3 thousand 56 detailed working drawings.
The peculiarity of the Ice Arena is that it is a collapsible building. This was the main difficulty - we had to do without the usual assembly welding on such structures, do everything with high-strength bolts, with high precision assembly,
”says Elena Malagon.

Multifunctional sports and entertainment complex "Platinum Arena", Khabarovsk. 72 m.

This is one of the first facilities in Russia, built using coated electric-welded pipes in the coating design. The grand opening took place in September 2003.

The bearing elements of the coating are steel trusses in the form of an arch with a span tightening of 72 m, 54 m, 39 m. The height of the main hall to the lower truss belt is 17 meters. The structures were manufactured by PZTSK OJSC - now Uraltrubprom, electric-welded pipes - Uraltrubprom OJSC.

The building of KSU SZK "Platinum Arena" consists of two main volumes:
a universal hall with an ice arena and stands and a hockey school training rink.
The main volumes are interconnected by a 3-storey transitional unit.
The universal hall is a volume measuring 102x72 meters, in the center of which there is an ice field (60x30 m).
On the perimeter of the field, an amphitheater placed stands for 7,100 spectators.

Area 27,000 m²
Volume 310,000 m³
The height of the building is 50 meters.

We draw your attention to the unique advantages that electric-welded square and rectangular pipes (profile) have, if it is from them to make metal structures.

- Ability to manufacture a large span (up to 130 m)

- Aesthetics and architectural expressiveness of pipe structures

- Flexibility in implementing the most daring architectural projects

- Low aerodynamic resistance to wind loads

- Increase in illumination in structures with arched vaults and translucent coatings

- The speed of manufacture of structures and their installation due to the minimum number of parts and welds in the structure.

- Bolted connection and much more.

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