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Oil Service Company "Burservice-Perm"

Country: Russia
Total Employees: 96
Locations: Russia, Perm
Registration: Russia Moscow
Year Established: 2008
Main Products/Services: Sidetracking, telemetry support for drilling, equipment rental, integrated project management.

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The oilfield services company Burservice-Perm was established in December 2008. Over the years, a difficult path has been traveled: from the establishment and organization of work to the improvement and modernization of equipment and technology for the provision of services.

In our work, we are guided by such basic principles as competent and qualified service delivery, honest attitude to our work, improvement of our services based on the introduction of new equipment and technology, careful attitude to personnel, their training and advanced training. We do not stand still, but are constantly moving forward, mastering new areas of activity, offering our customers more attractive areas of service.


December 2008
Establishment of NSC Burservice-Perm.

June 2009
Work was organized and the first contract was concluded for the provision of technical and technological supervision (supervising) services when drilling wells in the Komi Republic.

September 2009
Opening of a unit for leasing hydraulic downhole motors and jars.

April 2010
Launch of the first telemetry batch to accompany the drilling of directional wells in Eastern Siberia.

October 2010
The Bureau Veritas Certification certification body conducted an audit of the NSK Burservice-Perm quality management system for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 in the field of management and control of the construction and overhaul of oil and gas wells, and leasing of hydraulic downhole motors, based on the results of which a decision was made to certify the QMS of the company.

June 2011
Completion of drilling of the first sidetrack with horizontal completion in Western Siberia.

June 2012
Significant renewal of the fleet of downhole helical motors and jars of various sizes.

May 2013
Organization of the work of the laboratory of geosteering equipment. Adjustment of the production of components for the repair of own imported telemetry systems.

August 2013
The company entered the TOP-100 organizations of medium and small businesses in the Perm Territory in terms of revenue for 2012.

December 2014

Successful completion of the turnkey sidetracking project based on the integrated project management principle.

March 2015

The conclusion of a long-term turnkey drilling contract for sidetracks in the Komi Republic.  

The company's mission is to provide services in the construction and overhaul of oil and gas wells in Russia and the near abroad.
While working in the domestic oil and gas service market, a strategy was chosen to move into the range of high-tech oil services.

The main activities:

  • sidetracking;
  • telemetric support for drilling directional wells, horizontal completion wells and sidetracks;
  • rental of downhole hydraulic motors, jars, chisel service;
  • integrated project management.

The company operates in the largest oil and gas regions of Russia: Perm Territory, Eastern and Western Siberia, and the Komi Republic.

Priority Tasks:

  • development of a domestic competitive company in the high-tech oilfield services market;
  • application of the latest technologies and high-tech equipment in order to achieve optimal results in solving production problems at the customer’s facilities;
  • adaptation of all the latest world developments in the field of construction and repair of wells under difficult operating conditions in the Russian Federation;
  • maximum use of the potential of Russian highly qualified specialists,
  • training of young specialists and professional growth of the existing staff.