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Fire risk Calculation

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Calculation (assessment) of fire risks is carried out in order to obtain objective data on the state of fire safety of the protected object. Such work allows you to determine the level of compliance of the facility with the established requirements or other criteria.

The result of the assessment (calculation) may be a report containing the final indicators and recommendations for reducing fire risk values (in cases exceeding the maximum permissible values).

Such work can be carried out in cases:

  • development of a BP declaration;
  • justifications for ensuring fire safety of objects of protection for which the fire safety requirements are not established by federal laws on technical regulations.

Fire risk assessment is carried out by determining (calculating) the values and comparing them with standard values. Normative values are established by the relevant Federal Law (No. 123-ФЗ dated 07/22/2008).

Key points of the final report:

  • goals and objectives of the calculations for assessing fire risk;
  • name of the methodology, by whom and when approved;
  • description of the analyzed object; protection;
  • a description of the sequence of calculations for assessing fire risk;
  • a description of the methods used, models of fire hazard situations and the rationale for their use;
  • calculation of fire risk and its results;
  • a list of source data and sources of information used;
  • normative values of fire risk;
  • conclusion on compliance (non-compliance) of the object of protection with standard values.

Fire risk assessment can be presented in the form of a report as part of:

  • BP declarations;
  • special specifications;
  • section of the design documentation "Measures to ensure fire safety."

The company "International Fire Center" has scientific and technical potential and unique experience in designing objects of varying complexity. Depending on the initial data of the customer, as well as his goals, when calculating fire risks, we use different methods.

You can consult with us on all your questions (procedure, cost), as well as order this service from us.


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