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Reclamation of lands Contaminated with oil and oil Products

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Land restoration measures are a set of works to restore the natural environment for various purposes - construction, agriculture, recreation areas, etc. The implementation of these works is aimed at cleaning the soil from various contaminants, including oil and oil products, which account for the largest percentage of pollution and environmental disasters.

Soylex technology - effective biological treatment of soil and water bodies

In its work, POLYINFORM company uses a unique drug, Soylex, the result of its own development. The drug became the basis for the creation of the technology of the same name, with the help of which the company successfully reclaimed land in 17 regions of the country, clearing more than 250 hectares and more than 8.5 thousand square meters. m of water bodies. Thanks to biotechnology, Soylex utilized more than 180 thousand cubic meters. meters of contaminated soils, the consequences of the spill of 120,000 tons of oil and oil products were eliminated.

Soylex technology is part of a package of activities where, in addition to using its own patented biological product, a number of special operations are carried out, which allows to achieve the greatest effect. This technology is protected by fifteen patents of the Russian Federation, its capabilities make it possible to clean and disinfect soils directly on site or at a special site. The advantages of biological land reclamation offered by POLYINFORM are high quality thanks to the patented technology approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

The main advantages of remediation using Soylex technology:

  • The ability to effectively clean the soil from a wide range of contaminants. Reclamation of lands contaminated with oil and oil products, cleaning is possible even in the presence of heavy metals and other harmful substances. The technology also allows the biological treatment of saline soils.
  • Short deadlines for soil restoration. Depending on the degree and nature of the pollution, reclamation is possible for a period of three months.
  • A wide range of temperatures at which biological treatment is possible - from +3 to + 40 ° C.
  • Possibility of flexible adjustment for specific tasks and climatic conditions.
  • Full restoration of soil biology in the process of forest land reclamation and other works with 100% environmental safety of the technology used.
  • Economic efficiency - the cost of reclamation of 1 hectare of land using Soylex is lower than the use of many other technologies.

Examples of projects completed by POLYINFORM

Land reclamation activities and steps

During land reclamation, POLYINFORM company specialists carry out:

  • Studies of contaminated territories in various ways - engineering-geological, geodesic, environmental with the preparation of a three-dimensional model of the distribution of pollution, etc.
  • Project development. All measures laid down in it, terms and cost of land restoration are agreed with the customer.
  • A full range of restoration work using Soylex biotechnology and other techniques.

Land reclamation consists of two main stages - technical, with the formation of slopes, removal of soil layers and other works, and biological. The latter involves the introduction of a biological preparation, as well as other work from the agrotechnical and phyto-reclamation complex.

The result of reclamation is the ability to use land for industrial and agricultural purposes, as well as a high socio-economic effect, the creation of favorable conditions for human life, the restoration of the ecosystem.

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