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Oil Spill Response

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Emergency spills of oil and oil products are characterized by high salvo impact on the environment, causing a quick response. Therefore, the time factor in the localization and liquidation of accidental spills of oil products on land is crucial. When measures to eliminate the accident are not taken quickly and effectively, the pollution zone increases significantly, and its consequences are manifested to a greater extent.

Oil spill response is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • containment and collection of spills using special equipment;
  • neutralization of collected waste by biodegradation methods or their placement at specialized landfills,
  • elimination of residual pollution on the ground, remediation of the territory.

POLYINFORM CJSC carries out a full range of works on liquidation of emergency oil spills, including:

  • Spill location
  • Collection of spill products using technical equipment and sorbents and removal to the reclamation site
  • for further cleaning
  • Disposal of collected spill products at special landfills
  • Surface and ground water treatment, if necessary, installation of local treatment facilities
  • Elimination of residual pollution on the ground
  • Commissioning of the facility to environmental authorities

The company has fully equipped specialized teams with many years of experience in performing these works. The choice of the strategy for the work on liquidation of emergency oil and oil products spills is carried out depending on the terrain, the nature and size of the oil product spill, climatic features, the presence of watercourses, etc., which are taken into account during the liquidation work.

Localization of the spill is carried out by special means: sorbents and sorbent products made of natural and artificial materials, emergency booms, constant buoyancy booms, ballast booms, as well as pop-up and ice-cold booms.

Oil skimmers are used to remove oil from the surface of soil and water. Raking of the contaminated layer is carried out by bulldozers, excavators, machines and tractors equipped with tanks for collecting oil.

Contaminated soil is placed on the reclamation site, or under favorable hydrogeological conditions of the territory, biological treatment of oil-contaminated soils is carried out on site.

The bio-treatment of contaminated soils and water is carried out according to the developed Soylex ® biotechnology, which includes both the original cleaning method (a set of special technological methods) and Soylex ® own biological products, which are manufactured according to a special technique at the company's production facilities.

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