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Sewage Treatment

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Human waste products, industrial waste products are aggressive chemical and biological compounds, the ingress of which into the ecosystem can lead to serious consequences. Naturally, it is also impossible to reuse wastewater without high-quality, multi-stage treatment, which guarantees the removal of salts of heavy metals, harmful microorganisms and other contaminants. POLYINFORM company offers a full range of wastewater treatment services in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia - an effective solution for industrial and municipal enterprises, social facilities, wherever there is a need to bring domestic wastewater in accordance with environmental standards.

Our experience and applied technologies, some of which are our own unique developments, as well as highly qualified specialists allow us to carry out design and installation of equipment in a short time, perform commissioning, maintenance and support.

Domestic and rainwater treatment

Wastewater generated as a result of domestic use is treated using mechanical and biological technologies. For additional cleaning, we use high-performance electrochemical cleaning and ultraviolet irradiation. This ensures high quality and stable performance throughout the life of the product.

The greatest effect is provided by the biological treatment of effluents, which consists in the destruction of hazardous compounds due to the action of microorganisms that process them into safe substances. As a result, activated sludge is formed, in which there are all conditions for the life of bacteria.

We also install systems for treating wastewater and wastewater generated by precipitation and snow melting. This ensures the reuse of water or the return of clean water to the natural environment. An important advantage is the economical operation of the system, the absence of expensive reagents.

Industrial wastewater and wastewater treatment

One of our areas of activity is industrial wastewater treatment. For this, we use our own innovative technique, which allows us to effectively remove heavy metal ions from water. The system can be used both at industrial enterprises, and at landfills for solid waste and waste from industrial enterprises; it allows organizing recycling water supply.

Our innovative water recycling system, developed using our own patented technologies, can significantly reduce operating costs - reduce energy consumption and reduce water consumption by 90%. Important advantages are the simplicity and safety of work, the absence of the need for constant maintenance and use of chemical reagents, as well as the possibility of implementation at facilities where there is no own sewage network.

All proposed solutions are based on equipment of leading domestic and world manufacturers, the quality of which is confirmed by licenses and certificates.

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