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Tank and sludge Collector Cleaning

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POLYINFORM performs a full range of works on cleaning containers, tanks, sludge collectors, barges, railway tanks and with the subsequent disposal of oil sludge.

For cleaning, unique specially developed technologies and equipment are used that allow high-quality cleaning to be carried out with minimal financial and time losses.

Tanks are cleaned by hydrodynamic and mechanical methods, which involve the use of both pumping equipment (for example, suction pumps) and a special technological scheme. Oil sludges obtained during the cleaning of containers and sludge collectors, depending on the composition, are separated in order to extract hydrocarbons and solid sludge, which is transported to special landfills or neutralized using Soylex ® integrated biotechnology.

The cleaning of large-capacity storage tanks for crude oil and heavy oil fuel is carried out using a mobile, non-volatile complex based on the principle of non-contact cleaning. The equipment allows to comprehensively solve technological and environmental problems associated with the disposal of liquid and viscous waste oil and oil sludge. In the work cycle, the removal and processing of oil sludge in a “three-phase” centrifuge with the release of the oil phase, as well as the washing of the tank are ensured. The system is equally used for tanks with both a floating and a fixed type of roof. The complex is autonomous, it does not require any energy sources, except diesel fuel.

ZAO "Poliinform"

Locations: Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Main Products/Services: Ensuring environmental and industrial safety
Registration: Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Year Established: 1989