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Diagnostics of Technical Devices

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With a certified modern non-destructive testing laboratory and extensive experience in industrial safety expertise, Promtexpertiza is ready to perform technical diagnostics of equipment and technical devices at a high professional level, promptly and at an affordable price.

We offer diagnostics for the following types of equipment:

  • boiler supervision objects:
    • steam and hot water boilers;
    • electric boilers;
    • vessels operating under pressure above 0.07 MPa;
    • pipelines of steam and hot water with a working steam pressure of more than 0.07 MPa and a temperature of over 115 ° C;
    • pressure chambers;
  • gas supply systems (gas distribution):
    • external gas pipelines, steel and from polyethylene and composite materials;
    • internal steel pipelines;
    • parts and assemblies, gas equipment;
  • lifting structures:
    • hoisting cranes;
    • lifts (towers);
    • cable cars;
    • funiculars;
    • escalators;
    • elevators;
    • truck mounted cranes;
    • lifting platforms for the disabled;
    • crane ways;
  • mining equipment:
    • mine hoisting machines;
    • mining transport and mining equipment;
  • equipment for the oil and gas industry:
    • equipment for drilling wells;
    • equipment for well operation;
    • equipment for well development and repair;
    • equipment for gas and oil pumping stations;
    • gas and oil product pipelines;
    • reservoirs for oil and oil products;
  • equipment for explosion and fire hazardous and chemically hazardous industries:
    • equipment for chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries, operating under pressure up to 16 MPa;
    • equipment of chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries, operating under pressure above 16 MPa;
    • equipment for chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries, operating under vacuum;
    • tanks for the storage of explosive and flammable and toxic substances;
    • isothermal storages;
    • cryogenic equipment;
    • equipment for ammonia refrigeration units;
    • BOT furnaces, boilers, energy technology boilers and waste heat boilers;
    • compressor and pumping equipment;
    • centrifuges, separators;
    • tanks, containers (barrels), cylinders for explosive and flammable and toxic substances;
    • process pipelines, steam and hot water pipelines.
  • grain storage and processing facilities:
    • blowing machines (air turbocompressors, turbo blowers);
    • fans (centrifugal, radial, VVD);
    • hammer crushers, roller mills, entolators;
  • electric power equipment.

Promtekhexpertiza specialists have proven qualifications in many types of diagnostics, in accordance with the methods of certified laboratories for destructive and non-destructive testing.

Based on the results of the diagnosis, a technical report is issued with a detailed description of the identified defects, recommendations for their elimination and increasing the level of industrial safety of equipment use.

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