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Destructive Testing Laboratory

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Allows you to perform research on structures and materials using high-tech methods using modern equipment.

Types of destructive testing:

Hardness Measurement Methods:

  • according to Brinell
  • according to vickers
  • according to rockwell

Corrosion Test:

  • Test methods for resistance to intergranular corrosion

Metallographic studies:

  • determination of the amount of non-metallic inclusions
  • determination of grain score
  • determination of the decarburized layer depth
  • determination of the content of ferritic phase
  • determination of the degree of graphitization
  • determination of the degree of spheroidization of perlite
  • macroscopic analysis, including fracture analysis of welded joints
  • determination of the structure of cast iron

Methods for determining the content of elements:

  • spectral analysis: x-ray fluorescence analysis
  • styloscopy to determine the content of alloying elements

Promtex Expertise LLC

Locations: Russia Moscow
Main Products/Services: A wide range of work in the field of industrial safety
Registration: Russia Moscow