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LLC "Mechanical Plant" Kalyazinsky "

Country: Russia
Total Employees: 137
Locations: Russia / Kalyazin
Registration: Russia / Kalyazin
Year Established: 2014
Main Products/Services: Production of oilfield and drilling equipment

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The main activity of Kalyazinsky Mechanical Plant LLC is the production of oilfield and drilling equipment. The plant has a production and research base focused on the development of new equipment and tools for drilling and well repair.

Today, Kalyazinsky Mechanical Plant LLC is developing in the following areas:

  • development and production of mobile drilling rigs and drilling rigs with a lifting capacity of up to 200 tons;
  • development and production of lifting equipment for pipe work;
  • development and production of lifting equipment for the mechanization of auxiliary works;
  • development and production of related drilling equipment;
  • development and production of hydraulic driven mud pumps and pumping units based on them;
  • development of variable frequency drives of asynchronous electric motors for driving drilling equipment;
  • development and manufacture of non-standard equipment according to agreed technical specifications.

Kalyazinsky Mechanical Plant LLC is constantly expanding its product range, which sets it apart from other manufacturers of similar products, increasing its competitiveness.

To fulfill the development objectives, in 2006 the company MECHANICS ENGINEERING LLC was created, which is currently the only developer of the entire line of equipment in the interests of Kalyazinsky Mechanical Plant LLC.

Production and quality

Development of a technical solution

Kalyazinsky Mechanical Plant LLC has production facilities with the prospect of further expansion of production. Our own production base for the manufacture of the most modern equipment is constantly being improved.

At all stages of production, control and testing of materials, installations and assemblies is carried out: input control, ultrasonic, x-ray and magnetic flaw detection, microanalysis, hydraulic, static and dynamic tests.

The plant staff has more than three hundred people and includes the main services:

  • design and technological bureau - the “think tank” of the enterprise, which is engaged in the development of new competitive equipment and the improvement of manufactured equipment;
  • qualified production units (procurement department; machining workshop; electric and gas welding section; heat treatment section; plasma cutting section; assembly workshop; paint and varnish coating section; wood processing section);
  • department for quality control of products;
  • testing laboratory, in which work is carried out in promising areas and testing of serial production;
  • a marketing service that studies the market as a whole and the demand for plant equipment engaged in cooperative work, advertising and sales, participating in the development of plant development plans;
  • Patent and licensing department engaged in patenting products, their certification and obtaining permits.

High qualifications and wide experience of the whole team of Kalyazinsky Mechanical Plant LLC ensure high quality of products, and the equipment developed by us is distinguished by reliability, high performance, increased operational stability and ease of maintenance. Moreover, the products meet all modern requirements for this type of equipment.

Shipment and service

The equipment manufactured at Kalyazinsky Mechanical Plant LLC, due to its convenient geographical position, allows transportation by any means of transport to all regions of Russia, the CIS countries and far abroad. The geography of deliveries of the company's products is constantly expanding and today covers almost all major oil and gas regions.

The company provides warranty and post-warranty service. If necessary, installation supervision and commissioning, engineering and technical support for putting the equipment into operation, and, if necessary, training of the customer’s personnel are carried out.