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Triol Corporation

Country: USA
Total Employees: 1500
Main Products/Services: Other electrical equipment & materials; Rectifiers, inverters, converters; Solar Energy

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Triol Corporation is an international manufacturer of equipment in fields of oil production and power electronics with 25-year experience. The Company was established in 1993, since when it provides outstanding services and delivers exceptional value to its Clients via developed supreme solutions and advanced products, as well as in the framework of engineering consulting and project management services while serving the needs and meeting the challenges arising in the industrial sector. Triol provides researches, development, project implementation, manufacturing, and after-sale services within the following scopes: - decreasing electrical consumption; - extending equipment lifetime; - improving hardware functionality; - enhancing facility controllability and automation; - increasing machinery capacity. Triol brand has recommended itself at the market as a supplier of reliable and durable electrical equipment, which became possible as a result of a unique blend of traditions and innovations. While being devoted to the top quality of its products and providing a ‘client-first’ attitude, Triol Corporation discovers new horizons for various industrial sectors, including oil production and transport, utilities and metallurgy, mining and chemical industries. Individual approach to Customers'​ issues and exceptionally high qualification of its personnel constitute indisputable advantages of Triol Corporation. Currently, the Company employes more than 1500 professionals including technical support specialists, engineers, and developers, who tend to solve the most important tasks and to meet any specific requirements set by the Customers. Research and Development Department of the Company comprises over 150 highly qualified engineers and developers, whose labor daily transforms into high-technology innovations, brought to life in order to create advanced opportunities and profitable experience in a wide variety of business activities. At the present time, Triol Corporation has a branching network of Service Centers including 11 divisions and providing its services to customers around the world; and offices of the Company are situated in the USA, the UAE, Ukraine, Russian Federation, and China.