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Lifting rig PAP-60 (60/80) (for Cattle)

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: ПАП-60
Condition: New
Made in: Kazakhstan
Location or Storage Country: Kazakhstan
Location: Kazakhstan / Petropavlovsk
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Purpose: Development and repair of oil and gas wells

Operations performed:
- mobile movement from well to well;
- installation and dismantling of wellhead equipment with the main and auxiliary winch;
- tripping and lifting operations with sucker rods, tubing and drill pipes;
- mechanized make-up and unscrewing of tubing and drill pipes;
- setting cement bridges in wells through the mast manifold;
- drilling out sand plugs and cement bridges with a rotor with a mechanical or hydraulic drive;
- fishing and other types of work;
- flushing of wells through the mast manifold;
- elimination of accidents;
- drilling of wells with a rotor with a mechanical drive;
- sidetracking and drilling of wellbores;
- milling of metal parts of drilling equipment that fell into the well;
- well development after completion of drilling operations.

Design features and benefits:

- the drawworks are equipped with a rope-laying device that ensures uniform winding of the rope;
- a flange is provided for connecting the emergency drive of the drawworks;
- emergency shutdown device for the chassis engine from the operator's station or remote control panel;
- the extension of the upper section of the mast is carried out by a hydraulic winch from a remote control panel;
- for the production of auxiliary work, a hydraulic winch was used;
- hydraulic jacks for hanging the installation of double-acting action;
- a reversible rotor drive gearbox is installed;
- a tire-pneumatic brake for the rotor drive is provided;
- the drawworks chain drive is made in a closed oil bath;
- double-circuit hydraulic system:
1-circuit for performing auxiliary operations (hanging the installation, lifting the mast,
extension of the upper section, operation of the hydraulic valve, operation of the auxiliary winch)
2-circuit - hydraulic rotor operation, hydraulic tong operation.

Basic configuration

- KrAZ 65053 chassis;
- Drawworks with wire rope and emergency drive connection flange;
- Mast;
- Hydraulic breaker;
- Weight indicator IVE-50-20;
- Operator's station with a shelter;
- Drum of a stock of a wire rope;
- Auxiliary winch.


Lifting installation:
Permissible hook load, kN (tf) 785 (80)
Conditional drilling depth 2000 meters (when drilling with a string of 24 kg / m)
Conditional well depth during development and repair 4000 meters (tubing 14 kg / m)
Car chassis KrAZ-65053
Mechanism drive From chassis engine
Drilling winch : single-drum, with disk (axial) pneumatic couplings, with a two-speed chain drive in an oil bath
- chain double row
- number of gears 4 (control from the operator's station)
- tractive effort, kN (tf) 132.4 (13.5)
- lifting speed of the block block, ms 0.2 ... 1.54
- winch brake Two-belt-shoe with manual pneumatic drive
Mast : two-section - telescopic, with an open front edge:
- height from the ground to the crownblock axis, m 23.6
Waist system:
- equipment 3 x 4
- the frequency of the chain hoist 6
Auxiliary hydraulic winch:
- permissible hook load, kN (tf) 29.4 (3)
Installation platform: With hinged walkways on both sides and level gauge.
- operator's post With a wind shelter.
Hydraulic system: With built-in oil heater in the hydraulic tank
- number of pumps 2
- operating pressure range, (kgf / cm2) 160-200
Hanging jacks: Hydraulic, double-acting
Pneumatic system: Powered by a chassis pneumatic system equipped with an air dryer
-working pressure (kgf / cm2) 7
Overall dimensions of the unit in transport position, mm 14,000 x 2,800 x 4,000
Weight in transport position, kg 31,500

Options - optional supplied, complete with a lifting unit, additional equipment:

- Manifold stand with a gander on the mast;
- Rotary base for cattle;
- Support plate;
- Wrench KPR-12P for screwing and unscrewing tubing;
- Reversible mechanical rotor drive gearbox;
- Key for machine drilling KMB-M;
- Spider;
- RGP-140 rotor;
- Rotor 9UPA51 with cardan drive;
- R-250 rotor with cardan drive;
- R-400 rotor with cardan drive;
- Swivel VB 80;
- Rig sleeve 9 m;
- A set of links;
- Wrenches for tubing and rods;
- Additional hydraulic thread breaker;
- Height-adjustable wellhead platform for cattle.
- Emergency shutdown device for the chassis engine from the operator's station or remote control;

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