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Pipelayer CHETRA TG122

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Model Number: ЧЕТРА ТГ122
Condition: New
Made in: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / Cheboksary
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The most popular pipelayer in the CHETRA range for laying pipelines in a trench, escorting cleaning and isolation machines, for lifting and moving single loads. Adequate track width and long track surface, combined with an adjustable counterweight, provide the machine with increased stability and high safety.
Model TG122Ya TG122K
A type Crawler
Engine, brand YaMZ-236NB-2 Cummins QSB6.7
Rated power, kW (hp) 121.3 (165)
Operational power, kW (hp) 110 (150)
Engine displacement, l 11.15 6,7
Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g / kWh. (g / hp h), no more 230 (169)
Transmission, type hydromechanical
Tractor idle speed, km / h, forward / backward gears
I transfer 3.7 / 4.9
2nd gear 6.7 / 8.8
III gear 10.7 / 13.5
Chassis The undercarriage consists of two rigid suspension track bogies
Track rollers (each side) eight
Number of carrier rollers (each side) 2
Caterpillars prefabricated with one grouser
Height of lugs, mm 65
Shoe width, mm 560
Ground clearance, mm, not less 509
Tractor track, mm, not less 2 150
Base, mm 3022
Supporting surface area, sq.m. 3.38
Ground pressure, kgf / sq. Cm., No more 0.683
Fuel tank, l 280
Lifting capacity with counterweight folded back, t (at boom outreach 1.22m / 2.5m) 26.5 / 12
A type box-section and A-shaped
Length, m 7/9
Weight, kg 1 150/1 430
Gear type two stage planetary gearbox
Hook lifting (lowering) speed, m / min 21
Winch rope diameter, mm sixteen
Winch rope length (cargo / boom), m:  
standard boom (7 m) 46/46
extended boom (9 m) 56/56
Overall dimensions of the pipelayer with an extended counterweight and a maximally raised boom, no more than mm:
length, mm 5255
width, mm 5020
height (boom 7/9 m), mm 7 850/9 850
Operational weight, no more, t 26.3

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