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Kamaz dump truck rental

Country of Operations: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Novosibirsk, Russia
Online Support Service: No
Interpretation of Data: No
In our company, you can use the rental of KamAZ dump trucks for the removal of snow and construction waste. We offer affordable prices and a flexible system of discounts for individuals and legal entities.

Dump trucks are used to transport bulk cargo and materials such as:

  • snow removal;
  • garbage removal;
  • sand;
  • crushed stone;
  • asphalt;
  • soil, etc.

Dump trucks are distinguished:

  • by type of body (trailer, semitrailer);
  • by the type of wheel arrangement (2, 3 and 4 axles);
  • by the method of unloading the transported cargo (in a natural way - inclination of the bottom or forcibly - using an auger).

The main characteristics of dump trucks can be considered

  • carrying capacity, tons;
  • body volume, cubic meters;
  • wheel formula;
  • unloading method.
carrying capacity rub. hour minimum order -
Dump truck 3 t from 1100 4 h order
Dump truck 5 t from 1100 4 h order
Dump truck 10 t from 1300 4 h order
Dump truck 15 t from 1500 4 h order
Dump truck 20 t from 1700 4 h order
Dump truck 25 t from 1900 individually order
Dump truck 30 t from 2000 individually order
Dump truck 40 t from 2200 individually order
Dump truck 100 t from 2400 individually order

* The indicated prices are valid on condition of non-cash payment, VAT included .

We provide a discount of 10% for cash and a long rental period

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