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Fire Extinguishing pump Control Cabinet for 2 pumps Grantor

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: Грантор
Condition: New
Made in: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia Moscow
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Control cabinets "Grantor" for pumps of sprinkler and deluge fire extinguishing systems

The cabinets are designed to operate in two systems: a sprinkler or deluge fire extinguishing system. The control cabinet has the following operating modes: "Manual", "Automatic" and "Test". The selection of the control mode is carried out by the user from the front panel of the cabinet and is indicated by the status indication.

In manual mode, the pumps are controlled from the front panel of the cabinet or remotely by a button from the dispatcher (only starting the fire extinguishing mode). The "Test" operating mode is used for manual test start of electric motors from the control buttons on the front panel of the cabinet. The mode is intended for short-term test starts of the system.

In automatic mode - work is carried out by external signals from devices and sensors. The pumps operate according to the working / standby scheme, i.e. in the event of a malfunction of the working pump, the cabinet will automatically turn on the backup one, and the "Alarm" lamp of the corresponding pump on the front panel of the cabinet will light up and the dispatcher contacts will be flipped. In cabinets for three pumps or more, it is possible to select the number of working / standby pumps.

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