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Production and Development of Centrifugal Compressor Machines

Country of Operations: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Online Support Service: No
Interpretation of Data: No
Our company is ready to solve any task set by the customer for the design and manufacture of new samples of centrifugal compressor machines. As a rule, the problem is solved in several stages: - at the stage of obtaining a technical assignment (TOR), highly qualified specialists of the calculation and research department carry out gas-dynamic calculations in order to determine the basic parameters of the flow path, which would correspond to the TOR.

Based on the data obtained, the engineering and design building begins the design of the required unit: stator and rotating parts, bearings, dry gas seals (DGS), piping, drive;

- at the time of design, a thorough joint work of specialists from the strength and reliability department and the design department is carried out, the purpose of which is to achieve the optimal solution to the problem. Then, at the manufacturing stage at the production site, incoming control is carried out for the compliance of all parameters of the manufactured products with the required parameters of the design documentation, as well as for the output of finished products, mandatory control of the Quality Control Department is carried out;

- after leaving production, the installation of the machine or technical control of the installation at the industrial site of the Customer is carried out under the supervision of specialists or by the forces of our installation team, which has vast experience of work; assembly and commissioning takes place. Then gas-dynamic tests are carried out with verification of the parameters required by the technical specification.

Thus, at all stages, FROM IDEA TO IMPLEMENTATION, there is a detailed control, which allows you to quickly achieve and guarantee high quality products.

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