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Chemical Analysis of waste

Country of Operations: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Yekaterinburg
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For the certification of waste, a mandatory procedure is the chemical analysis of waste. Methods are defined by special regulations. For CCA, samples are taken: soil, water, air. Physical factors are studied by instruments. In the course of work, the quantitative-component composition, hazard class and other aspects are established. After the definitions of the laboratory, methods of collection, storage, disposal and processing are planned.

For whom is KHA obligatory?

Any enterprise of various forms of ownership, if production waste is generated as a result of its activities, is obliged to conduct and provide the results of waste research. The information is used in the preparation of the PNOOLR, obtaining a license to handle these materials, and issuing passports.

How is CHA performed?

Laboratory analysis of waste consists of several definitions: aggregative and physical state, sampling, methodological determination of the hazard class, identification of negative impacts. If necessary, biotesting is performed. Quantitative-chemical analysis of waste is carried out in an accredited laboratory. The received information is entered into the protocol. It must contain the details of the customer, contractor, methods of conducting events, information about responsible persons.

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