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Locations: Russia, Kazan
Main Products/Services: Pipeline accessories

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RosService entered the market on August 12, 2003. From that moment to this day, the main direction of our activity is the supply of high-quality pipeline fittings to enterprises in the oil and gas, chemical, food and energy industries.

At the origins of the creation of the RosService company was a small but close-knit team of like-minded people who decided to make the company the best in its industry. In a short time, we managed to take a worthy position in this specific market, establish close relationships with reliable suppliers and create our own customer base.

Since the beginning of the opening of the company, a lot of work has been done, a lot of experience has been gained. Today, RosService employees are a whole staff of highly qualified specialists, a supply, sales and logistics department, as well as specialists in various types of pipeline valves. In addition, we now have our own production and significant stocks, which allows us to provide a wide range of products and timely delivery of each order.

RosService pays great attention to the organizational modernization of all business processes of the company. This is done to improve the level of service and ensure maximum guarantees for meeting delivery dates. RosService is well known, so situations often arise when a new client comes to us on the recommendation of another customer.

The company is especially proud of our production, which this year is being separated into a separate structure and trade brand for the development and implementation of injection molding machines.

Such successful results of activity inspire our partners to continue cooperation with us, and us to further development and expansion.

Choice Devices
check valves
Cast iron gate valves
Ball valves
Shut-off valves
Fire equipment
Steel gate valves
Pressure regulators
Flanged gaskets
Electric actuators and gearboxes for gate valves
Safety valves
Butterfly valves
Environment separators
Select device connections
Wellhead fittings