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LLC "Stroykeramika"

Country: Russia
Industry: OIL & GAS
Markets: Россия
Total Employees: 30
Locations: Yuzhnouralsk city, Chelyabinsk region, Russia
Registration: 457040, Yuzhnouralsk, Chelyabinsk region. st. Zavodskaya 1, building 1,
Year Established: 2014
Main Products/Services: Production of refractory products / Aluminosilicate proppant

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The Stroykeramika LLC enterprise is located in the city of Yuzhnouralsk, Chelyabinsk region. Geographically located on the site of JSC "YuAIZ" and occupies an area of 9035.68 square meters. m.

The design capacity of the enterprise is 15,000 tons of aluminosilicate proppant per year.

Near the territory of the enterprise there are railway tracks, the property of JSC YuAIZ, from where finished products are loaded or raw materials are unloaded from railway cars.

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