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UNIVERS - a software package designed to process VSP data and interpret them together with GIS and OGT data (2D, 3D). The name of the package in Latin literature. Preprocessing of 2D ground-based seismic data using microwave technology. UNIVERS is formed from a combination of the initial characters of the words UNIx VERtical Seismic.

Key features provided by the UNIVERS package. Basic processing.

  1. anchor VSP (checkshot)
  2. longitudinal VSP (short range, zero offset)
  3. non-longitudinal VSP (long-range air defense, far offset)
  4. MTF (walkaway, 2D VSP), 3D VSP
  5. 2D + VSP, 3D + VSP
  6. Microwave 2D terrestrial data preprocessing

The principles of processing.

  • Processing is based on three-dimensional gradient models of the environment.
  • The selection of wave fields is performed iteratively as the separation of the components of the interference field. The sum of the components is equal to the original field.
  • Specialized procedures are used, developed taking into account the specific features of vector wave fields in wells.
  • The processing goals are to refine the model of the medium as a solution to the inverse dynamic problem and obtain images of the medium for subsequent interpretation.
  • The refinement of the environment model is performed iteratively.

The functionality of the package.

  • Detailed lithologic-stratigraphic correlation of deep sections of the OGT and GIS data
  • Assessment of the one-dimensional model of the near-wellbore space
  • Obtaining high-resolution acoustic impedances in the exposed part of the section, as well as below the bottom of the well
  • Assessment of the absorption coefficient of the medium
  • Zero-phase deconvolution of an OGT section along a single-reflection VSP track
  • Obtaining high-resolution near-wellbore images as a result of processing remote PF
  • VSP Surveillance System Design
  • Evaluation of a three-dimensional model of the medium in the near-wellbore space with pinch-outs
  • Assessment of the directions of cracks and faults of rocks
  • Building a geological-stratigraphic model of the environment and structural maps based on information about reflecting horizons
  • 2D 2D seismic data processing for the construction of high-quality time sections using microwave technology.

System environment.

The package runs on Linux 64-bit. The following OS options are supported:

  • OS: RHEL / CentOS / Scientific Linux ver. 5.6 or 7 64-bit
  • Data storage is carried out in a file-oriented database.

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