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Geovation Software Package

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Geovation software package is designed for processing and imaging of seismic data, as well as for determining the characteristics of reservoirs. This package is a platform for integrated data processing, which includes the latest technologies of well-known leading companies in the field of advanced processing and imaging of a wide range of data. It touches on every aspect of seismic exploration in an interactive and interpretive environment with support for a full set of relevant application programs and calculation modules.

Geovation was created on the basis of more than 40 years of practical experience in the field of developing software for working with geophysical data, which allows us to provide high-quality leading services in our field to CGG customers around the world.

Geovation has a number of unique features, among which are:

  • A complete set of tools for processing, imaging seismic data, as well as for characterizing reservoirs: Emphasis on research objectives, which allows the development of modern geophysical technologies
  • About 500 calculation modules for data processing;
  • Possibilities of processing 2D, 3D, 4D and multicomponent data of land and sea surveys;
  • A comprehensive range of advanced architecture applications for interactive processing and quality control.
  • Conducting training courses prepared by CGG University around the world
  • Application in field parties, on ships, in processing and specialized centers around the world
  • Fully expandable configuration from one workstation to the cluster system of an entire billing center
  • Proven architecture for processing large data arrays of a wide range

The advantage of Geovation is the achievement of the best results of processing and imaging for all types of objects. This software uses a single solution for field conditions, individual workstations and regional centers. Geovation software strictly adheres to development principles to ensure reliability and quality of results. Efficient, high-quality processing is also an important advantage. The software uses proven technology, experience of more than 40 years. Representative offices in all regions of the world provide local support, expert analysis and staff training.

The main objective of Geovation is to meet the growing demand in the field of seismic data processing, including the processing of a new generation of large arrays of high density and wide spectrum data, as well as the demand for modern algorithms of large computational power.

  • 64-bit linux platform supporting modern information technologies and a new generation of multi-core processors;
  • Flexible storage infrastructure for working with petabytes of data stored on disks and tapes.

We have created a new database and interactive application programs for quality control and processing of terabytes of seismic data, which will allow you to use powerful calculation algorithms that are optimized for parallel processing.

Achieving the best Geovation results is determined by strict adherence to principles that ensure reliability, quality and practicality when used in large-scale production environments. It implements the latest technologies in the field of geophysics, affecting the entire spectrum of processing and imaging of seismic data, which provides results that are constantly evaluated by our customers as the best in their class. Geovation also offers an interface connection to the well-known Hampson-Russell tank characterization software package.

Geovation offers an advanced user environment, which includes all the tools for applying the latest technologies in the geophysical field on complex projects in an efficient and intuitive way.
This includes interactive programs for constructing design tasks, managing the production process / projects and a number of full-featured quality control applications:

  • The new "desktop" of the user (Geodesk);
  • Building and defining job parameters using the object transfer operation (Jxjob);
  • Automated and intuitive production / project management system Geodesk;
  • Full-featured seismic and auxiliary data management system (SDS and XPS);

CGG's Tornado Speed / Depth Model software offers a highly interactive working environment with superior 3D visualization capabilities. The whole process of picking modeling and speed refinement, structural updating and visualization is integrated into a single module of the CGG patented seismic data processing software package.
Tornado has been specifically designed to simulate and refine velocity / depth models. Utilities included in the Tornado program are constantly updated and improved. Currently, utilities for tomographic refinement, aperture determination, geostatistical analysis and filtering, as well as utilities for picking speeds and working with horizons are available.

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