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Production of Machine tools and Equipment for Construction Organizations

Location or Storage Country: Russia
Cash Flow: $500,000
Ebitda: $370,000
Gross Revenue: $500,000
Price: RUB105,000,000


- The company has long established itself in the market.
- Availability logistically (120 km from Moscow)
- The staff is fully equipped.
- Signed contracts with large companies
- Excellent production reputation
- The best technologies in production, including Finnish

Financial performance:

Monthly revenue: 3,000,000
PHOT: 800 000 p.
Rent: owned
Utility bills: 100 000 p.
Net profit: 2,000,000


An industrial complex producing machine tools and equipment for construction plants and concrete goods plants is located near the city of Mozhaisk. Also under the order makes metalwork.

The production is fully equipped with all necessary equipment, including construction equipment and cars.

Land and buildings are owned. No burden.

In production, Finnish technologies are used, which many times in Russia have been recognized as the best.

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