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Aura ™ Geochemistry

(IT and Software)
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The Aura software package was created as part of the Multidimensional Interpretation® technology for processing heterogeneous spatial geochemical information. The algorithms of the software complex are based on modern ideas about the spatial structure of a multidimensional geochemical field.

The main task of processing geochemical data during forecasting and prospecting is to establish such integral functions of coordinates that would most contrastly change as we approach the object of search and present information that allows us to judge its formation affiliation. It is necessary that these functions allow one to form ideas about the elemental composition of the identified geochemical structures and their spatial transformation, which can serve as the basis for the formation of geochemical criteria for mineralization searches. Based on these considerations, heuristic algorithms for the software package were developed. They took into account the following fundamental points - the multidimensionality of the geochemical space, the heterogeneity of the geochemical information used in practice, its spatial nature and the absence of a priori probabilistic, and often reliable geological information.

The Aura software package includes the following main modules:

  1. A multi-window user interface designed for the user - a geochemist who does not have specialized computer training.
  2. Module for input, import and editing of source geochemical data
  3. Statistical Data Analysis Module
  4. Mapping module, including the construction of maps of geochemical features, maps of multiplicative (additive) indicators and maps of complex geochemical anomalies ..
  5. Module for statistical analysis of detected anomalies
  6. Export created maps to raster and vector formats

Aura software package is designed to solve the following problems:

  • geochemical mapping and detection of potentially oreogenic anomalies;
  • forecasting hydrocarbon deposits by geochemical data;
  • a comprehensive assessment of the ecological state of the environment of urbanized and mining territories

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