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Diesel generator AD-2000P (Mitsubishi)

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Model Number: АД-2000 (Mitsubishi)
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: No
Warranty: Yes, 12 months
Price: Call for price
Mitsubishi 2000kW Diesel Generator - Cost-Effective and Extremely Durable

Mitsubishi Premium Series 2000 kW diesel generator - AD-2000-T400 Mitsubishi diesel power station / DES 2000 kW manufactured by the Company Diesel is a three-phase diesel generator set (DGU) of an industrial reliability class capable of providing reliable power supply to facilities (class G2 / G3, ISO 8528 -1) of any complexity - both as the main and backup source of electricity.

The Mitsubishi 2000 diesel generator / DGU AD-2000-T400 is designed to generate a three-phase alternating electric current with a frequency of 50 Hz, a voltage of 400 V, a main (rated) power of kW / kVA, and a reserve power of 2000 kW / 2500 kVA.

The Mitsubishi 2000 kW diesel generator is equipped with a V-shaped 80-liter Mitsubishi S16R2-PTAW turbocharged diesel engine with intercooled charge air cooling, electronic speed control and liquid cooling.

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